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Cast Ptyd Fatboy 140mm 60g Sinking Stickbait Lure

Unleash the Beast with the Monster Slayer: A Force to Be Reckoned With!

The wait is over – the Monster Slayer is back, and it's here to make a statement! Crafted with a robust and stocky build, featuring flatter sides for intensified flash reflection off the silver foil and a thicker tail wrist, this lure is designed for serious anglers. Experience a tighter, more erratic action than the "OG," delivering a staggeringly big topwater presence and an irresistible horizontal shimmy at rest for the sinking models.

Key Features:

Thick and Stocky Build:

The Monster Slayer boasts a solid and stocky construction, ready to take on the toughest adversaries. With flatter sides, it maximizes flash reflection, adding to its visual appeal.
Intense Flash Reflection:

Witness an intense flash reflection off the silver foil, ensuring the Monster Slayer stands out in the water and entices predatory fish with its captivating shimmer.
Tighter, Erratic Action:

Enjoy a tighter and more erratic action compared to the "OG" version. This enhanced movement adds to the allure of the Monster Slayer, making it a formidable choice for anglers seeking trophy-sized catches.
Staggeringly Big Topwater Presence:

With a staggeringly big topwater presence, the Monster Slayer dominates the water, drawing strikes from the mightiest predators. Its commanding appearance ensures you're equipped for a battle with the beasts below.
Irresistible Horizontal Shimmy:

The sinking models of the Monster Slayer offer an irresistible horizontal shimmy at rest, mimicking injured prey and triggering predatory instincts.
Versatile Size and Weight:

At 140mm and 60g, the Monster Slayer in the sinking variant offers a versatile size and weight suitable for various fishing scenarios. Whether you're targeting big bass or other formidable species, this lure is up to the task.
Gear up and get ready to conquer the waters with the Monster Slayer. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a newcomer seeking trophy-sized thrills, this lure is your ticket to big fish success. Cast, retrieve, and let the Monster Slayer do the rest!

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