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Cast Topwater Monofilament Fishing Leader

The Cast Topwater Leader stands as a testament to top-tier craftsmanship, crafted meticulously with a specialized two-layer process to ensure unparalleled strength, superior abrasion resistance, and exceptional knot integrity. Its robust design boasts a hard inner core and a micro-coating of softer nylon on the exterior, providing an ideal balance that enhances knot grip without compromising strength or slippage.

Tailored specifically for topwater fishing enthusiasts, the Cast Topwater Leader excels when paired with knots like the FG. Its subtle light pink hue has become a staple among dedicated topwater anglers.

This leader's soft spool design is a convenient feature, preventing any unraveling during storage.

If reef fishing, bluewater expeditions, or bottom bashing are on your agenda, consider exploring our Cast Reefer Nylon Leader.


Crafted from high-quality nylon for unparalleled durability
Hard inner core layered with a soft outer micro-coating
Tailored specifically for topwater fishing endeavors
Subtle pink tone adds a distinctive touch
Soft spool design ensures effortless storage
Available in breaking strengths ranging from 20lb to 200lb
Made in collaboration with Buku for uncompromised quality and performance"

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