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Chasebaits Flexi Frog 65mm Soft Plastic Lure

Unleash the Flexi Frog: Your Secret Weapon for Aggressive Strikes!

Constructed from ultra-durable, floating TPE material, the Flexi Frog emerges as the ultimate weapon in your angling arsenal. Its design, coupled with custom 'Donkey Stopper' weedless hooks, transforms it into the perfect bait for skip casting and enticing aggressive strikes. Whether burned across the surface or twitched around structure, the Flexi Frog's realistic profile, complete with flappin' legs, creates a symphony of noise and splash that's irresistible to even the weariest fish.

Key Features:

Ultra-Durable TPE Material:

Crafted from ultra-durable, floating TPE material, the Flexi Frog is built to withstand the toughest battles, ensuring it remains a reliable companion in your pursuit of trophy catches.
Skip Casting Mastery:

Pre-rigged on custom 'Donkey Stopper' weedless hooks, the Flexi Frog excels in skip casting. This technique allows you to precisely target your desired locations, increasing the chances of triggering strikes from lurking predators.
Versatile Retrieval Techniques:

Whether you prefer burning it across the surface to incite aggressive strikes or twitching and pausing around structure, the Flexi Frog is versatile in its retrieval techniques. Adapt your approach to the conditions and let the Flexi Frog do the rest.
Realistic Profile with Flappin' Legs:

The Flexi Frog's realistic profile, complemented by flappin' legs, creates an enticing display that mimics natural prey. The accompanying noise and splash add to its allure, making it a tempting target for fish on the hunt.
Optimal Size and Hook Configuration:

At 65mm (2.5"), the Flexi Frog strikes the perfect balance between size and attractiveness. Equipped with a 5/0 hook and presented in packs of 3, it ensures you're well-prepared for multiple opportunities.
Elevate your topwater game and entice strikes from even the most cautious fish with the Flexi Frog. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, this lure promises to be your secret weapon in the pursuit of aggressive strikes. Cast, retrieve, and let the Flexi Frog make waves in your fishing success!

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