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Classic Barra 120m +10 23g Hard Body Lure

Classic 120: Australia's Premier Barra Lure

Unleash the power of Australia's No.1 Barra lure with the Classic 120! Trusted by serious Barramundi anglers, this lure boasts an unmatched tournament-winning heritage, making it a top choice for both casting and trolling in all fishing situations. The Classic 120 is not just a lure; it's a legendary all-rounder that excels in both saltwater and freshwater, proving its effectiveness against a variety of larger predators.

Key Features:

Proven Tournament-Winning Heritage:
The Classic 120 holds the prestigious title of Australia's No.1 Barra lure, backed by a tournament-winning heritage. Anglers trust its performance and rely on its unmatched track record to secure success in competitions and on regular fishing expeditions.

Versatile Casting and Trolling:
Whether you prefer casting or trolling, the Classic 120 is designed to excel in all fishing situations. Its versatility makes it a go-to lure for anglers who appreciate the flexibility to adapt to different techniques and environments.

All-Rounder Excellence:
As an all-rounder, the Classic 120 is not limited to Barramundi alone. This versatile lure is effective against most larger predators, making it a formidable choice for anglers targeting a variety of species in both saltwater and freshwater environments.

Range of Models:
The Classic 120 is available in six models, catering to different preferences and fishing scenarios. Whether you're seeking specific colors, sizes, or diving depths, the range of models ensures that you can customize your approach based on the conditions and target species.

Minnow Hard-Body Design:
Crafted in the style of a minnow hard-body lure, the Classic 120 combines lifelike aesthetics with strategic design. This design enhances its ability to mimic natural prey, triggering strikes from predatory fish.

Optimal Size and Weight:
With a size of 120mm and a weight of 23gms, the Classic 120 strikes the perfect balance for effective casting and trolling. This optimal size and weight contribute to the lure's versatility and effectiveness in a range of fishing scenarios.

In summary, the Classic 120 is not just a lure; it's a legend in the world of Barra fishing. Trusted by serious anglers and celebrated for its tournament-winning heritage, this lure brings a combination of versatility, effectiveness, and proven performance to every fishing expedition. Elevate your Barra fishing experience with the Classic 120 – where excellence meets legendary status on Australian waters.

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