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Classic Barra Ghost 120mm +10 Hard Body Lure 3 Pack

Classic Lures: Unleash Versatility Across the Species Spectrum

Explore the comprehensive range of Classic Lures, designed to cater to anglers of all levels and preferences. From the compact Classic 65 for smaller species to the renowned "Classic 120," Australia's No.1 Barra lure, and the powerful Classic 200, this collection ensures that there's a Classic lure for every sportfish in both saltwater and freshwater environments. Dive into the versatility of Classic Lures and elevate your angling experience.

Key Highlights:

Classic 65 - Compact and Effective:
The Classic 65 is tailored for smaller species, offering a compact yet effective solution for anglers targeting a variety of sportfish. Its design ensures versatility, making it suitable for a range of fishing scenarios.

Classic 120 - Australia's No.1 Barra Lure:
Celebrated as Australia's No.1 Barra lure, the Classic 120 is a legendary choice for serious Barramundi anglers. Its unmatched tournament-winning heritage and all-rounder excellence make it a top pick for both saltwater and freshwater pursuits.

Classic 200 - Power and Performance:
The Classic 200 represents the latest addition to the Classic Lures lineup, bringing power and performance to the forefront. Designed to handle larger species, this lure expands the range of possibilities for anglers targeting predatory fish in diverse environments.

Wide Variety of Models:
The Classic Lures range covers a wide variety of models, ensuring there's a perfect match for almost any sportfish swimming. Whether you're after bream, bass, barramundi, or other predatory species, the diverse models in the Classic lineup provide options for every angler.

Great All-Round Lures:
Classic Lures are renowned for their versatility as great all-round lures. Their effectiveness spans across both saltwater and freshwater, making them reliable companions for anglers seeking success in a variety of fishing conditions.

Proven Track Record:
With a proven track record in catching predatory fish, Classic Lures have become a trusted choice among anglers. Their ability to entice strikes and secure successful hookups adds to their reputation as go-to lures for various sportfish.

In summary, the Classic Lures range is a testament to versatility, performance, and reliability. Whether you're targeting smaller species, chasing Barramundi, or exploring new frontiers with larger predators, Classic Lures has you covered. Elevate your angling game with the comprehensive range of Classic Lures, where each model is a carefully crafted tool designed to maximize your success on the water.

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