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Cohen's Creatures Frog Legs

Cohen’s Frog Legs: Lifelike Precision for Unmatched Fly Action

Crafted in the USA from laser-cut ultra suede, Cohen’s Frog Legs redefine the art of fly tying. Made from pliable and robust ultra suede material, these frog legs offer fly tiers the unprecedented opportunity to imitate the authentic look and action of a real frog. Elevate your fly patterns with creativity, realism, and versatility like never before.

Key Features:

Ultra Suede Mastery:

Cohen’s Frog Legs are meticulously crafted from laser-cut ultra suede, ensuring a perfect blend of pliability and strength. This material sets a new standard, providing durability and a lifelike frog-like action that will entice even the most discerning fish.

Limitless Coloration Potential:

Unleash your creativity and breathe life into your flies with Cohen’s Frog Legs. The ultra suede surface is your canvas – use permanent or fabric markers and dyes to create any color combination imaginable. The only limit is your imagination.

Versatile Applications:

Designed for versatility, Cohen’s Frog Legs can be seamlessly integrated into various fly patterns. Whether you're working with foam or deer hair bugs, these legs offer an exceptional opportunity to enhance the visual appeal and movement of your flies.

Multiple Sizes for Varied Fly Designs:

Mini 1" - 8 legs per pack
Small 1.5", Medium 1.75", Large 2.5" - 6 legs per package

Enhance Your Poppers:

Elevate the realism of your favorite popper bodies by attaching Cohen’s Frog Legs to the back. Watch as these legs create an irresistible frog-like allure, enticing predatory fish with lifelike action.

Perfect for Every Fly Tier:

Whether you're a seasoned fly tying expert or a newcomer to the craft, Cohen’s Frog Legs provide a user-friendly and effective way to add lifelike details to your flies. Elevate your creations and make them stand out with these precision-crafted frog legs.
Unleash Realism and Action:

Immerse yourself in the world of lifelike precision and unmatched fly action with Cohen’s Frog Legs. Explore the endless possibilities of coloration, design, and movement, making your flies irresistible to fish. Order Cohen’s Frog Legs now and take your fly tying to unprecedented levels of creativity and realism.

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