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Cressi Agua Fins Aqua Kids

The Agua fin by Cressi is engineered to provide exceptional performance without demanding specialized athletic skills or water sport expertise. Here's an overview of its standout features:

Key Features:

User-Friendly Design: The Agua fin is crafted for effortless use, catering to individuals without specific athletic abilities, offering excellent performance while ensuring minimal fatigue on the feet.

Weight Optimization: Incorporating cutting-edge technology and Cressi's expertise, this fin boasts a significantly reduced weight compared to others in its category. Despite its lightweight construction, it maintains impressive responsiveness and performance.

Self-Adjusting Foot Pocket: Featuring Cressi's original Self-Adjusting Foot Pocket system, the fin employs a unique blend of materials known for their softness and elasticity. This design ensures a consistently soft and snug fit, adapting to the foot's contours for comfort and secure positioning.

Design Details:

Long Blade: Provides enhanced propulsion and efficiency underwater.
Above Blade Foot Pocket: Offering comfortable positioning and ease of movement.
Color Options: Available in Blue-Pink.
Sizes: Offered in 31/32 - 33/34 sizes, catering to various foot sizes for a better fit.

The Agua fin is a culmination of Cressi's technological advancements and user-centered design, offering a comfortable, high-performing fin suitable for users without specialized skills, promising a satisfying and efficient diving experience.

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