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Cressi Calibro Corsica Mask And Snorkel Set

The Cressi Calibro mask paired with the Corsica snorkel sounds like a fantastic combo for diving enthusiasts:

Cressi Calibro Mask:

Integrated Dual Frame Technology: Exceptional field of view and a compact shape with a wide lens due to the integrated face and frame design.
Low Internal Volume: Offers a phenomenal field of view with minimal internal volume, thanks to the raked angle of the frame.
Integrated Buckles: Attached to the skirt, allowing for adjustment without disrupting the mask's position on the face.
Patented Nose Pocket Membrane: Traps moisture from escaping, preventing fogging of lenses and reducing the need for pressure compensation.
Matte Coating: Prevents reflections in the water, enhancing the underwater experience and avoiding disturbances to marine life.
Designed for Freediving: Provides a sense of freedom and comfort, making it ideal for free-diving experiences.
Cressi Corsica Snorkel:

Designed for Deep Freediving and Spearfishing: Specifically crafted for serious divers in these disciplines.
Flexible Large Diameter Tubing: Comfortable positioning behind the head while ensuring ease of breathing on the surface.
Hydrodynamic Design: Mouthpiece tucks neatly under the chin for improved hydrodynamics while diving.
Anatomical Silicone Mouthpiece: Offers extreme comfort during extended periods in the water.
Available Colors: Comes in black or green options, catering to divers seeking high-quality equipment.
The combination of the Calibro mask and the Corsica snorkel seems tailored for serious divers, providing an excellent field of view, comfort, hydrodynamics, and functionality necessary for deep freediving, spearfishing, and snorkeling.

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