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Cressi Gara Modular Impulse Fins Black

The Gara Modular system from Cressi revolutionizes deep freediving and spearfishing, catering to divers of varying skill levels.

Modular Design: The Gara Modular fins feature a smart modular design, allowing users to effortlessly interchange blades, adapting them for specific diving needs. This adaptability ensures that the fin can evolve with the diver's skills.

Blade Interchangeability: Users can switch between standard fiberglass or carbon fiber long blades without any modifications, facilitating quick adjustments based on skill progression.

Foot Pocket: The self-adjusting foot pocket utilizes a modern multi-compound joining process. This design offers both comfort and flexibility where needed while maintaining stiffer compounds under the foot pocket and heel area to enhance power transfer.

Blade Features:

Blade Angle: Set at 29 degrees for optimal efficiency during the kick cycle, reducing energy expenditure.
Durability: Offers exceptional resistance against shock, impacts, and stress, minimizing accidental breakage.
Anti-Slip Water Rails: Prevent water flow from escaping sideways, optimizing propulsion efficiency.

"Rondine" Tail Design: Enhances fin control and improves directionality for better maneuverability.

Foot Pocket Size: The Gara Modular foot pocket is wider compared to other Gara fin models. It is recommended to use it with neoprene socks for a proper fit. For users opting to go without neoprene socks, selecting a smaller size is advised.

Included Insole: The Gara Modular fins come with a dedicated insole designed for use with thin boots in temperate waters, enhancing kicking performance. The semi-rigid recycled material of the insole ensures durability and performance improvement.

Individual Components: All components of the fin are available separately, allowing for replacement or customization as needed.

The Gara Modular system by Cressi provides a versatile, adaptable, and durable solution for freedivers and spearfishers, offering flexibility, comfort, and efficiency across various diving environments and skill levels.

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