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CressiQuantum Mask: Innovative Anti-Fog Technology

The CressiQuantum Mask introduces groundbreaking anti-fog technology for enhanced vision and comfort during underwater exploration. Its key features include:

Revolutionary Fog-Free System:

The mask employs an innovative thermoregulation system that channels warm, moist air away from the lenses. Internal membranes redirect airflow towards the skirt, while external heat exchangers act as radiators, preventing fogging by cooling the mask's interior.

Unmatched Vision and Comfort:

Enhanced Downward Vision: Experience improved downward visibility for a more comprehensive underwater view.
Super Soft Silicone: The mask's design ensures a snug yet comfortable fit, enhancing the diving experience.
Compact and Versatile Design:

Despite its advanced features, the CressiQuantum mask maintains a compact body, offering low volume for ease of use underwater.

Product Details:

Size: Adult - One size fits most
Lens: Twin Lens - Tempered Glass
Material: Lens - Tempered Glass, Frame - Plastic, Strap - Silicone
Prescription Lenses: Not available
Care Instructions: Rinse with clean water after use, avoid direct sunlight exposure, use anti-fog solutions for prolonged clarity, store in a dry and safe location.
Unleash Unparalleled Clarity:

Discover the underwater world with clarity and comfort using the innovative CressiQuantum Mask, redefining your diving experience with advanced anti-fog technology.

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