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Cressi Z1 Frameless Mask: Unparalleled Visibility and Comfort

Discover the Cressi Z1, a frameless mask designed for maximum comfort and a wide field of vision. Its innovative features include:

Optimal Design for Performance:

Low-Volume, Single Lens: Enjoy an expansive field of view from all angles with the low-volume, single lens design, ensuring an immersive underwater experience.

Frameless Construction: The silicone skirt directly bonded to the lens not only reduces weight but also minimizes drag, making it perfect for various underwater activities like freediving, spearfishing, snorkeling, and diving.

Comfort and Adjustability:

Ratcheting Strap Buckles: Easily adjustable and secure, the micro-metrically adjustable buckles, mounted to the skirt, provide both comfort and a snug fit.

High-Grade Silicone Seals: Experience a watertight seal and lasting durability with high-grade silicone construction.

Built for Performance and Convenience:

Tempered Glass Lens: Ensures clarity and durability for an uninterrupted underwater view.
Easy-Access Nose Pocket: Allows for effortless equalization while underwater.

Ideal for Travel and Diverse Water Activities:

The Cressi Z1's lightweight design makes it an ideal travel companion while its flexibility and reduced drag cater to various underwater pursuits, delivering exceptional comfort and performance.

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