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Daiwa 15 Saltiga Star Drag Overhead Reel

Elevate Your Angling Game with the 2015 Saltiga Overhead Series

Prepare to redefine your fishing experience with the 2015 Saltiga Overhead Series. These exceptional reels are designed to deliver unparalleled precision, power, and performance, setting a new standard for angling excellence.

Unleash the Power:
In today's world of super braided lines, you need a reel that can pack a tremendous amount of fighting power into a compact frame. The 2015 Saltiga overhead series stands out as the formidable choice for anglers seeking uncompromising strength and precision.

Narrow Design, Easier Jigging:
Overhead reels are notorious for their challenging jigging experiences, but the Saltiga's narrow design changes the game. Traditional threadlines might have an advantage due to their balance point, but the compact and narrow Saltiga overheads redefine convenience. These reels feature a smaller side plate for easier handling and a substantial drop-down gearbox, significantly lowering the axis point for improved balance. Say goodbye to side overbalance issues.

Hyper Digigear Precision:
Daiwa's advanced gear design, known as Hyper Digigear, is at the core of the Saltiga's exceptional smoothness. Whether you're cranking with ease or battling a powerful fish, the Saltiga delivers unmatched purity and precision in true Daiwa style. And with the robust ATD drag system by your side, you gain the power and poise to take control of whatever challenges you encounter. The large, clicking alloy star drag is ergonomically designed for effortless power adjustments when you need it most.

Effortless Line Management:
The narrow spool design ensures your line lays evenly without requiring manual intervention, a genuine bonus when you're hooked up with a fish of a lifetime. To enhance the design, we've introduced a spool lock function, enabling you to break off snagged jigs or lures with ease and without endangering your thumb. With spool lock, simply immobilize the spool from turning, allowing you to free your lures.

Cranking Control and Comfort:
Experience ultimate cranking control with the new Saltiga's large Swept Handle, which brings the handle's balance point closer to the reel's center. Combined with the oversized, super-grip EVA knobs, you'll enjoy unmatched cranking power, balance, and control. You can even adjust the handle length from 75mm to 85mm to fine-tune your speed and power.

Mag Seal Technology - The Game Changer:
The Saltiga continues Daiwa's innovation journey with the inclusion of Mag Seal technology. This revolutionary system employs magnetized oil to create an impenetrable seal, guarding your reel against dust, water, and salt intrusion. Say goodbye to the limitations posed by saltwater environments, as the Mag Seal Ball Bearing on the pinion gear ensures your reel remains free from unwanted intruders.

Model Specifications in Exquisite Detail:


Line Capacity: Precision-engineered for PE 2-300m and PE 3-200m.
Weight: A mere 405g, making it lightweight without sacrificing strength.

Line Capacity: Unleash your angling prowess with PE 2-500m and PE 3-300m capabilities.
Weight: Crafted with the utmost precision, weighing just 405g for effortless handling.

Line Capacity: Designed for versatility, accommodating PE 3-400m and PE 5-250m.
Weight: With a solid build, it weighs 550g, ensuring durability without compromise.
Choose the 2015 Saltiga Overhead Series for unmatched power, precision, and innovation in your angling pursuits. Elevate your game and conquer the challenges of the deep with this exceptional reel by Daiwa.

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