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Daiwa 21 Saltiga Ic300 Overhead Reel

21 Saltiga IC300

The Saltiga IC 300 emerges as a sophisticated intelligent control overhead reel featuring a line counter and a convenient LCD display situated atop the frame.

Tailored to enhance angler efficiency, this reel is ideal for targeting bottom-dwelling species like snapper and pearl perch that frequently suspend off the seafloor. The Saltiga’s line counter system allows precise lure control, optimizing the duration spent in the strike zone.

Embracing the comprehensive HYPERDRIVE DESIGN concept, the Saltiga IC 300 showcases the advantages of the newly engineered HYPERDRIVE DIGIGEAR. This innovative gear design significantly amplifies gear durability and facilitates smoother winding even under considerable load.

The reel boasts a robust 10kg ATD drag system perfectly matched to the recommended PE2-3 line class. The single handle, coupled with an alloy ball knob, delivers a sturdy feel while reeling in and contending with formidable fish.

Powering the LCD display and line counter module is a waterproof battery housing situated on the palming side of the reel. This easily replaceable housing ensures uninterrupted operation once depleted.


Model: 21 SALTIGA IC300
Bearings: 10CRBB, 1MSBB
Max Drag: 10kg
Gear Ratio: 6.3
Line Capacity: PE1.2/600m; PE3/250m
Weight: 385g

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