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Daiwa 21 Zillion Sv Tw 100h Baitcaster Reel

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Daiwa Zillion SV Baitcast Reel: A New Standard in Versatility and Durability
The renowned Daiwa Zillion stands tall among baitcast reels, revered for its unmatched strength and durability. In Australia, where resilience is key, the Zillion has carved its niche as a reliable companion.

The all-new 21 Zillion SV represents a groundbreaking redesign, introducing HYPERDRIVE Design, a culmination of cutting-edge technologies for unparalleled performance.

HYPERDRIVE Digigear: Elevating baitcast gear design, Digigear technology enhances smoothness, offering 60% improved gear durability for a robust reeling experience.

HYPER Double Support: Enhanced pinion gear support extends gear life, providing increased winding power even under heavy loads.

HYPER Tough Clutch: Redesigned thumb bar offers superior durability and strength compared to prior models.

HYPER Armed Housing: Employing Magnesium or Aluminium frame and gear side plate, ensuring perfect alignment for optimal performance.

Introducing SV BOOST, an evolution of Daiwa's SV Concept. This two-stage design significantly enhances casting distance in the latter part of the cast, providing precise breaking resistance at each stage. The Zillion with SV BOOST promises effortless long casting and unmatched versatility for diverse fishing scenarios.

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