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Daiwa 23 Leobritz Electric Reel


Daiwa 23 leobritz Electric Reel

A name that resonates among electric reel enthusiasts, offering a fresh array of opportunities for anglers across Australia. This family of compact electric reels brings forth a comfortable fishing experience, enabling anglers to relish the thrill of the fight while benefiting from the assistance of an electric reel—ideal for those seeking an alternative to conventional reels.

Key Features:

  • BRITZ Motor Concept: LEOBRITZ boasts Daiwa's powerful BRITZ brushed motor, delivering instantaneous power upon engagement. Renowned for robustness and high torque, these motors empower these compact electric reels to deliver impressive winding power and strength.
  • Programmable Jigging Functions: Both LEOBRITZ models come equipped with programmable jigging functions, allowing anglers to retrieve metal jigs in a series of pre-programmed patterns at their preferred speed.

Specifications and Pairings:

Available in 300 & 500 sizes with right-hand retrieve, LEOBRITZ can be seamlessly paired with your preferred Daiwa overhead jigging rods or the specially designed TANACOM or SEAPOWER for handheld electric fishing.

The Daiwa LEOBRITZ series introduces compact yet powerful electric reels, offering anglers a comfortable and thrilling fishing experience with exceptional winding power and programmable jigging functions to enhance their fishing endeavors.

Model Bearings Maximum Drag Gear Ratio Line Capacity (PE/m) Weight
LEOBRITZ S300J 12+2BB (12BB; 8MB; 3PL; 2RB) 16kg 5.1:1 (190m/min) PE #3/400m, #4/300m 504g
LEOBRITZ S500JP 8+2BB (1CRBB; 7BB; 8MB; 2PL; 2RB) 16kg 3.58:1 (170m/min) PE #4/500m #5/400m 800g

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