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Daiwa 23 Tanacom 800 (a) Electric Reel

Daiwa 23 Tanacom 800 Electric Reel: Power and Precision Redefined

Daiwa seldom introduces a new electric dendoh reel, and in the realm of electric reels, the name Tanacom reigns supreme. The Daiwa 23 Tanacom 800 Electric Reel is a culmination of five years of rigorous development by Daiwa Japan engineers in collaboration with teams from Australia and America.

This total revamp boasts a groundbreaking design housing the motor inside the spool, a design shift that has empowered Daiwa engineers to enhance the efficiency of the formidable motor, the same reliable unit featured in the Tanacom 1000. Positioned within this new framework, the motor generates amplified power, thanks to a revamped drivetrain boasting reinforced gears and internal components, enhancing durability while minimizing power loss. Moreover, this power surge is coupled with increased speed, a remarkable achievement in balancing speed with torque, vital for deep-drop fishing. The faster retrieve speed of the Daiwa 23 Tanacom 800A significantly accelerates repositioning or bait checks during deep drops. An impressive feat of this redesign is the substantial line capacity, boasting 800 meters of PE6.

Setting up the Daiwa 23 Tanacom 800 is now more user-friendly, featuring a redesigned menu system that offers a simplified user experience for newcomers while maintaining familiarity for seasoned Daiwa dendoh fans. The Dot Monitor LCD screen has been upgraded for better readability, particularly under polarized sunglasses. Every aspect of the reel design has been meticulously addressed in the development of the Daiwa 23 Tanacom 800, from small enhancements like the aluminum ball knob to significant functionality improvements such as increased speed and power. Daiwa's Tanacom series has continuously set the benchmark for quality and value in the electric reel space, and the new Daiwa 23 Tanacom 800 is poised to raise the bar once more.

Key Features:

DOT LCD Display: Provides a clear view from various angles and light conditions.
Aluminium Body: Lightweight and robust, offering strength without compromising on weight or succumbing to corrosion issues.
Line Counter: Accurately measures the line length, simplifying depth adjustments for precise fishing.
Power Lever: Allows seamless transition from stop to start to full power, akin to accelerating with a gas pedal.
Metal Ball Knob: Designed for optimal rotation balance and functionality, ensuring maximum contact and comfort during handling.


Model: 23 TANACOM 800 (A)
Ball Bearings: 5BB (4BB; 1RB; + 4PL)
Max Drag: 25kg
Gear Ratio: 2.1:1
Line Capacity (PE): 6/800m
Weight: 1910g

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