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Daiwa 23 Tierra Lj Ic Hd Baitcaster Reel

Daiwa Zillion HD: Elevating Legends to New Heights
The Zillion HD emerges as a beacon of power and sophistication, draped in black and silver, boasting a legacy that has cemented its legendary status among baitcasters. Daiwa's latest rendition carries the esteemed Zillion label with pride, adorned with a plethora of advanced, performance-driven technologies that redefine excellence on every level.

Superior Design and Performance:
Real Four Technology: The foundation of the Zillion HD's prowess, integrating Real Engine, Real Control, Real Endurance, and Real Custom for unparalleled precision, power, and performance.

G1 Duralumin Spool: Lighter and stronger than ever, the free-floating Speed Shaft spool design ensures friction-free rotation, accommodating more line than before for enhanced functionality.

Alloy Frame, Gear, and Side Plates: Elevating reel strength and integrity, the alloy frame, gear, and side plate significantly enhance spool support, improving casting and cranking performance.

Mag Seal Technology: An innovation featuring magnetized oil forming a seal, providing resistance against dust, water, and salt intrusion, enhancing the reel's durability and performance.

Digigear: Known for precision and smoothness, Daiwa's advanced gear design ensures effortless cranking and unmatched power, perfect for extended hours on the water.

T-Wing System (TWS): This revolutionary system offers unparalleled casting performance, minimizing line noise and friction, while improving control, stability, and balance.

Magforce Z: Daiwa's legendary casting control system ensures refined precision and effortless control, delivering seamless performance for enhanced casting control.

Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD): Unyielding and powerful, UTD empowers anglers to take command, allowing control over whatever angling challenges arise.

100mm Swept Alloy Handle: Offers unmatched rotational balance and cranking ease, ensuring ultimate cranking control and comfort.

EVA Power Knobs: Designed for enhanced cranking comfort and control, offering both performance and style.

Technical Specifications:
Frame, Gear, and Side Plates: Alloy
Spool Side Plate: Newly designed for improved spool support
Real Four Technology
Magseal (Pinion Gear)
TWS T-Wing Type II System
G1 Duralumin Spool - Lighter
Speed Shaft
EVA Power Knobs
100mm Swept Alloy Handle
Long Arm Ratcheted Alloy Star Drag
Magseal Bearing under Cast Control Cap
Drag Power (UTD): 7kg
Bearings: 10+1
The Zillion HD takes the revered Zillion name to greater heights, boasting enhanced styling, unparalleled performance, and stunning design. Its advanced features and dark allure embody a reel like none other, setting new standards of excellence in the angling world.

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