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Daiwa 24 Td Black Mq Spinning Reel


Daiwa 24 TD BLACK MG Spinning Reel

Daiwa’s 2024 TD BLACK MG series represents the pinnacle of spinning reel technology, meticulously crafted to meet the exacting demands of avid anglers. Engineered with Daiwa’s revolutionary AIRDRIVE DESIGN and featuring a robust one-piece Monocoque (MQ) Body, this reel sets a new standard in performance and durability.

The MQ Body construction enhances structural integrity, delivering increased strength and rigidity while effectively sealing out water and dirt, ensuring long-lasting reliability. It allows for the installation of larger gears within the same compact body, optimizing power transmission and gear longevity.

AIRDRIVE DESIGN revolutionizes reel operation with its lightweight rotor and bail arm, reducing rotational mass for effortless handling and swift response. This design minimizes start-up inertia, enabling anglers to react quickly to bites and changes in fish behavior.

Complementing its advanced construction, the reel features Tough Digigear technology, providing smooth and precise gear meshing for enhanced power and refinement during retrieves. The Magsealed body employs magnetic oil technology to protect critical components from the elements, maintaining peak performance in harsh conditions.

The ATD Type-L and ATD Carbon Drags ensure consistent and reliable drag performance, offering smooth and powerful stopping power to handle aggressive fish with finesse. Stealthy in appearance yet stacked with cutting-edge features, the Daiwa 24 TD BLACK MG Spinning Reel exemplifies excellence and innovation in modern fishing gear, making it an indispensable tool for serious anglers.

Model Gear Ratio Retrieve per Crank Weight Line Capacity (PE) Max Drag
2000S 5.1:1 67 cm 170 g 0.4 / 200 m 5 kg
2500D 5.2:1 73 cm 190 g 1.2 / 300 m 10 kg
3000D 5.2:1 77 cm 220 g 1.5 / 300 m 10 kg
4000D-C 5.2:1 82 cm 230 g 2 / 300 m 12 kg

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