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Daiwa Baitjunkie 2.5" Grub Soft Plastic Lure

BaitJunkie 2.5" Grub - 8-Pack: Exceptional Swimming Action and Versatility

The BaitJunkie 2.5" Grub is a highly sought-after soft bait design in Australia, known for its exceptional swimming action and versatility in both fresh and saltwater. This grub features a unique tail design that sets it apart from the competition.

Key Features:

Tail Orientation: The standout feature of the BaitJunkie 2.5" Grub is the orientation of its tail. The tip of the tail is positioned parallel to the body of the grub, eliminating opposing forces from the water. This design allows all the water pressure to hit the inside curl of the tail, causing it to open up and create an irresistible swimming action.

Slow Swimming: Thanks to its innovative tail design, this grub can swim at much slower speeds compared to other soft baits. It even performs exceptionally well on the drop when used with lighter weight jigheads. The slow, natural swimming action makes it highly effective in enticing fish.

Rigging Options: The 2.5" Grub features rigging lines on both the top and bottom, accommodating anglers who prefer to rig the tail up or down. Additionally, it has a DVEC logo printing on the side, indicating a recommended trimming option for those seeking a slightly smaller profile bait in heavily pressured fishing situations.

Color Variety: This grub is available in 15 fantastic colors, including two-tone laminate options. Anglers can choose the color that best matches the local baitfish or the preferred prey of their target species.

Pack Quantity: Each pack of BaitJunkie 2.5" Grub includes 8 pieces, ensuring you have an ample supply for your fishing outings.


Length: 63.5mm
Type: Grub
Recommended Jighead Sizes: #4-#2/0
Weedless Rigging Sizes: #2-#1

The BaitJunkie 2.5" Grub is a versatile and highly effective soft bait that can be used to target various fish species in different environments. Its unique tail design and slow swimming action make it a valuable addition to any angler's tackle box.

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