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Daiwa Baitjunkie 3.2" Minnow Soft Plastic Lure

BaitJunkie 3.2" Minnow: The Ultimate All-Rounder Swimbait

The BaitJunkie 3.2" Minnow is a versatile and powerful swimbait designed to tackle both saltwater and freshwater environments. With an increased size from the 2.5" minnow, this 3.2" version is a robust swimbait ready to entice a wide range of predatory fish. Here's why the BaitJunkie 3.2" Minnow is your go-to choice:

Key Features:

Juiced-Up Design: The 3.2" Minnow offers a larger profile with a slightly thicker body, allowing it to accommodate larger hooks and bait keepers. This robust design is perfect for targeting a variety of fish species in different conditions.

Thumping Boot Tail: The slightly bigger boot tail delivers an almighty thumping action that attracts predators, especially in deep or murky water. Its powerful thump sets it apart from traditional swimbait profiles.

Slim Waist Design: Just like its smaller counterpart, the 3.2" Minnow features BaitJunkie's signature 'slim waist' design. This design element creates an unmatched swimming action that drives fish wild.

Color Variety: The 3.2" Minnow is available in 18 fantastic colors, including solid and two-tone laminate injections. You can choose the perfect color to match your target species and fishing conditions.

Rigging Versatility: The swimbait includes rigging lines on the top for easy and efficient rigging, adding to its versatility.

Pack Quantity: Each pack contains 6 pieces of the BaitJunkie 3.2" Minnow, ensuring you have enough bait to maximize your chances of success.


Length: 80mm
Type: Minnow
Recommended Jighead Sizes: #1/0-#4/0
Weedless Rigging Sizes: #1-#2/0

The BaitJunkie 3.2" Minnow is the ultimate all-rounder swimbait suitable for targeting various fish species in diverse environments. Its larger size, thumping boot tail, and slim waist design make it a highly effective choice for anglers pursuing flathead in estuaries or Australian bass in coastal rivers. Elevate your swimbait game with the BaitJunkie 3.2" Minnow and experience its fish-catching power.

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