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Daiwa Baitjunkie 5'' Jerkshad Soft Plastic Lure >

Introducing the BaitJunkie 5" Jerkshad: Elevating the 'Fluke' Style Bait Game

Exceptional Swimming Action: Standing out in the world of bait styles can be challenging, but the BaitJunkie Jerkshads rise to the occasion with some of the most incredible swimming action ever seen in a 'fluke' style bait.

Slim Waist Design: The 5" Jerkshad embodies the BaitJunkie 'slim waist' design principle, which creates a distinct segmented look with a prominent waist section that divides the bait into two parts.

Tail Action Like No Other: Featuring a vertical fluke tail, the BaitJunkie Jerkshad's tail section exhibits a hinge-like effect that produces a swimming action like no other bait.

Weedless Rigging: A belly slit allows for weedless rigging with an EWG style weighted hook, making it the preferred method when you want to keep the bait positioned high in the water column.

An Array of Captivating Colors: With a selection of 15 colors that include both UV and Glow options, you're bound to find a color that catches your eye and entices fish to strike.


Length: 124mm
Type: Jerkshad
Jighead: #3/0-#6/0
Weedless: #4/0-#5/0

The BaitJunkie 5" Jerkshad comes in packs of five, ensuring you have enough of these exceptional baits to maximize your chances of success on the water. Elevate your bait game and experience the difference with the BaitJunkie 5" Jerkshad.

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