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Daiwa Baitjunkie 6.2" Minnow Soft Plastic Lure

Introducing the Bait Junkie 6.2” Minnow: A Big Fish Magnet

When you're after those trophy-sized predators, you need a lure that can tempt even the biggest and most elusive fish to strike. The Bait Junkie 6.2” Minnow is the ultimate large swimbait designed to do just that.

Key Features:

Versatile Swimming Action: Building on the success of its smaller sibling, the 4.2” Minnow, the 6.2” version offers an even more pronounced and versatile swimming action. Its longer body and increased girth create the perfect profile for imitating large baitfish, making it irresistible to big predators.

Slow-Rolling Capability: The big boot tail of the 6.2” Minnow is designed to work at very slow speeds, allowing anglers to "slow roll" for species like barramundi, mulloway, and big murray cod. This lure can be rigged on a standard jighead or weighted weedless, making it effective for various fishing scenarios.

Swimming on the Drop: The 6.2” Minnow features a unique design that enables it to swim on the drop, making it highly effective when fish are suspending or holding in deeper water. This action has proven to be a game-changer for anglers looking to entice strikes during the descent.

Belly Slit for Weedless Rigging: The incorporated belly slit makes weedless rigging a breeze, allowing you to fish confidently in areas with vegetation and structure. Additionally, the extra meat behind the "slim waist" provides the perfect spot to attach a stinger hook for increased hook-up rates.


Length: 155mm (6.2 inches)
Type: Minnow
Recommended Jighead Sizes: #6/0-#8/0
Weedless Rigging Sizes: #7/0-#10/0
The Bait Junkie 6.2” Minnow comes in a pack of three, ensuring you have enough of these big fish magnets for your fishing adventures.

If you're ready to target trophy-sized predators and increase your chances of landing the fish of a lifetime, add the Bait Junkie 6.2” Minnow to your tackle box. With its realistic swimming action and proven effectiveness, it's a must-have lure for serious anglers.

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