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Daiwa Baitjunkie 7'' Jerkshad Soft Plastic Lure

Discover the BaitJunkie 7" Jerkshad: A Class of its Own

Unparalleled Length and Presence: As the largest offering in the initial BaitJunkie lineup, the 7" Jerkshad stands in a league of its own. Its longer body and increased mass elevate the already incredible 'S' wave swimming motion seen in the 5" version to new heights.

Mesmerizing Swimming Action: The combination of the segmented body design and the vertical fluke tail creates a swimming action that defies imagination. When rigged with a traditional jighead, the 7" Jerkshad exhibits a captivating swimming motion on the drop, attracting a remarkable number of strikes.

Snake-Like Movement: During a straight retrieve, the tail section of this bait moves through the water like a snake, ensuring that the bait tracks straight and true. This feature is particularly valuable when targeting fast-moving pelagic species.

Endless Versatility: The incorporated belly slit makes weedless rigging effortless, opening up a world of possibilities for versatile bait design applications.


Length: 172mm
Type: Jerkshad
Jighead: #6/0-#8/0
Weedless: #6/0-#8/0

Each pack of the BaitJunkie 7" Jerkshad includes four pieces, ensuring you have an ample supply of these exceptional lures to enhance your fishing experience. Dive into a new dimension of fishing with the BaitJunkie 7" Jerkshad, where size truly does matter.

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