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Daiwa Double Clutch 75sp 5g Jerkbait Hard Body Lure

Daiwa Double Clutch: The Apex of Suspended Twitchbaits

The Daiwa Double Clutch stands tall as the unrivaled champion in the realm of suspending twitchbaits, setting the standard with its exceptional performance. Embraced by bream enthusiasts in Victoria and Tasmania, as well as flathead and impoundment bass anglers in Queensland and New South Wales, the Double Clutch reigns supreme, consistently delivering outstanding jerkbait performance. Let's unravel the features that make the Double Clutch the epitome of jerkbait excellence.

Key Features:

Silent Gravity Oscillation System (S-GOS):
The Double Clutch incorporates Daiwa's Silent Gravity Oscillation System (S-GOS), elevating its casting capabilities to unparalleled heights. Casting like a bullet, this system ensures effortless and trouble-free casting, making it a preferred choice among anglers.

Twitching and Darting Action:
On the retrieve, the Double Clutch unveils its mesmerizing twitching and darting action right from the first twitch. Thanks to its innovative tungsten sliding weight transfer system, this jerkbait captivates with its dynamic and erratic movements, enticing strikes from even the most discerning predators.

Unique Bib Design and Slender Profile:
The Double Clutch's distinctive bib design and slender profile contribute to its ability to track straight and deep. This is a valuable trait, particularly in a slim-profiled jerkbait, ensuring precision in its movement and targeting.

Minimal Lure Noise for Finesse Appeal:
While bold in action, the Double Clutch maintains subtlety in sound. Internal dampening washers effectively minimize lure noise, enhancing finesse appeal and making it an irresistible choice for anglers seeking a perfect balance of performance and finesse.

Upgraded Hooks for Perfection:
Daiwa has raised the bar by upgrading the hooks on the 75mm and 95mm Double Clutches to Owner ST-36BC trebles. This enhancement ensures that every aspect of the lure is optimized for perfection, providing anglers with confidence and reliability.

Versatile Angler Appeal:
Highly regarded by bream, flathead, and impoundment bass anglers, the Double Clutch's versatility spans across diverse fishing environments. Its reputation as a go-to lure is a testament to its effectiveness in different conditions and for various target species.

In conclusion, the Daiwa Double Clutch epitomizes the apex of suspended twitchbaits. With a legacy built on performance, innovation, and angler satisfaction, the Double Clutch continues to redefine jerkbait excellence. Whether you're casting for bream or targeting impoundment bass, the Double Clutch stands as a beacon of perfection in the world of suspending twitchbaits.

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