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Daiwa Electric Combo Seaborg 1200mj Seaborg 60xhfd Pre-spooled Tanacom Braid 80lb 1000m



Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin 1200MJ Electric Reel

Feel Alive. Feel the Excitement. Feel the Power.

Embark on the ultimate fishing adventure with Seaborg Electric Reels, where every moment is filled with anticipation, power, and excitement. As the "big one" emerges from the depths, prepare to engage in a thrilling battle between man, machine, and monster.

Mega Torque Motor: Harness the unparalleled strength of Seaborg's custom Mega Torque motor, delivering power and speed comparable to the mighty Marine Power 3000. With approximately 1.3 times greater output than previous motors, this ultimate battle machine ensures quiet, smooth, and relentless performance. The new aluminium composite housing maximizes heat release, keeping the motor cool and ready for action at all times.

Megatwin Technology: Experience the versatility of Daiwa's Megatwin reel design, featuring a two-gear ratio system for mega-power and mega-speed modes. Seamlessly switch between modes with the touch of a button, ensuring optimal performance during retrieve or battle. Adapt to any situation and dominate the water with ease.

ATD Drag System: Take control of your angling destiny with the Automatic Drag System (ATD), combining seven large carbon washers and improved drag grease for smooth, powerful performance. The low viscosity grease reduces initial drag start-up inertia, while an aluminium drag radiator dissipates heat for enhanced drag performance under extreme pressure. An alarm sound function alerts anglers when line is being pulled out, keeping you in control of the fight.

Jog Power Lever: Master standup fishing techniques with the Seaborg Jog Power Lever system, designed for immediate response and ease of use. Whether you're holding the rod/reel outfit in your right or left hand, the Jog Lever allows continuous control and manipulation during the battle.

Magsealed Ball Bearing: Experience ultimate durability and smoothness with Daiwa's Magsealed Ball Bearing technology, preventing water and dust intrusion to reduce reel corrosion and noise. Applied to critical areas where salt and dust intrusion is likely, this technology enhances long-term performance and reliability.

Dot Screen Display: Navigate the waters with ease using the Seaborg's dot screen display, featuring large letters/numbers and a dotted LCD screen for improved visibility in bright conditions. Selectable line input procedures in Japanese or English languages ensure seamless operation on the water.

Ultimate Performance and Versatility: Choose from the Seaborg 800MJ for compact power or the 1200MJ for ultimate deep-water fishing. With features like oversize SIC line guide, line counter, depth memory, and convenient 12-Volt DC operation, Seaborg reels set a new standard for electric reel performance.

Prepare to elevate your fishing experience with Seaborg Electric Reels and redefine what's possible on the water. Dominate the depths, conquer the monsters, and feel the thrill of the fight with Seaborg by your side.

Diawa Seaborg 60XHFD Electric rod

With the rise in popularity of deep drop fishing using electric reels, Daiwa’s new Seaborg Dendoh rods offer never before seen performance from a specialised dendoh rod in the Australian market.

Leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of the finest deep drop rods on the market, Daiwa utilised all the best components and technology to make the Seaborg rods worthy of their name.

Fuji stainless steel silicon carbide (SiC) guides offer unmatched heat dissipation, extremely important for extended drops under heavy load. Arguably the most noticeable part of the Seaborg rods is the Winthrop Terminator Adjusta-Butt. An adjustable bent butt which can be positioned straight for easy storage and travel bringing electric reels out of harmful saltwater spray when the boat is underway.

A heavy-duty ALPS swivel tip keeps braided line under control even in heavy seas and makes the Seaborg rods truly some of the best dendoh rods on the market today.

If you’re looking for the perfect rod to match to your brand new Seaborg Megatwin electric reel, look no further than the matching Seaborg rods.


Designed & developed specifically to match Daiwa’s growing range of deep-drop electric reels like Tanacom, Seapower & Seaborg, the new Tanacom Braid is the perfect match if you’re looking to dominate the deep this season. Built around 8 strands of the finest quality Japanese fibres and made to the highest tolerances in Japan, Tanacom braid is the perfect partner for spooling electric reels.


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