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Daiwa Infeet Rolling Crank Mr 32mm 3.6g Hard Body Lure

Daiwa INFEET Rollin’ Crank: Precision Performance for Estuary Bream

Daiwa introduces the revamped INFEET Rollin’ Crank, a diminutive yet powerful crankbait designed for precision performance in targeting estuary species, particularly the elusive bream. This 32mm crankbait stands out as the go-to choice when conditions get tough, and bream prove to be challenging adversaries. With its compact body and expertly tuned features, the INFEET Rollin’ Crank is poised to make a significant impact in the world of finesse fishing.

Key Features:

Compact 32mm Size:

The new INFEET Rollin’ Crank is crafted in a compact 32mm size, strategically designed to excel in challenging conditions and when bream are playing hard to get. The smaller profile makes it an ideal choice for finesse fishing when precision is paramount.

Efficient Casting Performance:

Despite its small size, the INFEET Rollin’ Crank delivers exceptional casting performance. Paired with the matching slow-tapered blue/white coloured INFEET rods, this crankbait ensures accurate and efficient casting, reaching the desired targets with ease.

Expert Angler-Tuned Design:

Daiwa collaborated with expert anglers to fine-tune the design of the Rollin’ Crank specifically for Australian tournament conditions. The result is a crankbait that meets the varied challenges faced by anglers targeting bream across the country.

New Colour Range:

The INFEET Rollin’ Crank introduces a brand-new colour range, featuring small tweaks on existing favorites and all-new colours. These carefully selected hues are designed to appeal to both anglers and the discerning fish.

Upgraded BKK Spear 21SS Treble Hooks:

Daiwa enhances the durability and strength of the Rollin’ Crank with the inclusion of new BKK Spear 21SS treble hooks. These hooks are robust and well-suited for southern fisheries where big blue nose bream can be particularly challenging.

In summary, the Daiwa INFEET Rollin’ Crank is a testament to precision performance in finesse fishing for estuary bream. Its compact size, efficient casting, and expert angler-tuned design make it a standout choice for anglers facing tough conditions. The addition of a new colour range and upgraded BKK Spear 21SS treble hooks further elevate the Rollin’ Crank's appeal and effectiveness. Anglers can rely on this revamped crankbait to navigate the challenges of estuary fishing and entice bream with finesse and precision.

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