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Daiwa Infeet Slippery Dog 97mm 8.8g Floating Stickbait Lure

Daiwa's Slippery Dog 97F: Precision Engineering for Topwater Excellence!

Daiwa's Slippery Dog 97F stands as a testament to precision engineering, featuring tungsten weighting that not only enhances the lure's posture in the water but also elevates its responsiveness during retrieval. As a topwater walk-the-dog lure, the Slippery Dog 97F is expertly designed to mimic prawns and baitfish, making it the perfect choice for anglers seeking a realistic and effective lure.

Key Features:

Tungsten Weighting for Improved Posture:

The incorporation of tungsten weighting is a game-changer, enhancing the lure's posture in the water. This improvement ensures optimal presentation and increases the lure's responsiveness when skillfully retrieved.
Topwater Walk-the-Dog Action:

Designed specifically for topwater action, the Slippery Dog 97F excels in the walk-the-dog technique. Its lifelike movements replicate the natural motion of fleeing prawns and baitfish, making it an irresistible target for predatory fish.
TG Tune Models with Rattle Beads:

The TG Tune models take realism a step further with two small rattle beads strategically placed in the lure's head. This emulates the clicking sound of fleeing prawns on the surface, adding an auditory dimension to attract nearby fish.
Ideal Length for Estuarine and Inshore Fishing:

With a length of 97mm, the Slippery Dog is perfectly suited for estuarine and inshore environments, catering to the preferences of light-tackle anglers across Australia.
Ready-to-Fish Configuration:

Each Slippery Dog comes equipped with robust rings and BKK Fangs treble hooks, ensuring you're ready to hit the water straight out of the box. No additional adjustments needed – just cast and start enticing strikes.
Experience the finesse of Daiwa's Slippery Dog 97F and elevate your topwater game. Whether you're targeting estuarine species or exploring inshore waters, this lure's precision engineering and lifelike action make it a standout choice for anglers seeking topwater excellence. Cast, retrieve, and let the Slippery Dog create ripples of success in your fishing endeavors!

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