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Daiwa Infeet Spike Mr 44mm 4.2g Hard Body Lure

Daiwa Spike 44: The Ultimate Shad Size Crankbait for Versatile Action

Daiwa presents the Spike 44, a shad size crankbait that stands out as the ultimate choice for anglers seeking exceptional swimming action and versatility in various fishing conditions. Designed to excel at slow speeds, the Spike 44 becomes indispensable when the fishing gets tough, and fish exhibit timid behavior.

Key Features:

Exceptional Swimming Action:

The Spike 44 showcases exceptional swimming action, making it a standout performer in various fishing scenarios. Its design ensures effective movement even at very slow speeds, catering to situations where fish are hesitant and require a finesse approach.

Versatile Depth Ranges:

Available in both MR (Medium Running - 6 Feet) and EXDR (Extra Deep Running - 12 Feet) versions, the Spike 44 covers a wide range of depth options. Whether fishing in shallower waters or targeting deeper structures, anglers can rely on the Spike 44 to deliver consistent and effective performance.

Careful Weight Placement and Slender Shape:

The careful weight placement and slender shape of the Spike 44 contribute to its ability to fly straight and achieve long casts. This feature allows anglers to maximize each cast, reaching distant targets and covering a larger area.

Blunt Nose Lip Design for Deflection:

The blunt nose lip design of the Spike 44 enhances its deflection characteristics. This design is effective in converting follows into bites, increasing the chances of hooking elusive fish. The lure's ability to navigate through obstacles makes it a valuable asset in various fishing environments.

High-Quality Split Rings and BKK Hooks:

Fitted with high-quality split rings and BKK hooks, the Spike 44 is ready for action straight from the package. These components ensure durability and reliable hooksets, providing anglers with confidence in their pursuit of a variety of fish species.

In summary, the Daiwa Spike 44 is more than just a crankbait; it's a versatile tool designed for finesse fishing and exceptional swimming action. Its ability to perform effectively at slow speeds, cover various depth ranges, and navigate through obstacles makes it a go-to choice for anglers facing different fishing scenarios. With careful weight placement, a slender shape, and quality components, the Spike 44 offers anglers the edge they need to entice and hook elusive fish.

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