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Daiwa Steez Current Master 93sp-exdr 14g Jerkbait Hard Body Lure

Daiwa Current Master 93-EXDR: Dive Deeper, Conquer More

Elevate your angling game with the Daiwa Current Master 93-EXDR, the extra deep running version of the beloved mid-size jerkbait. Tailored for northern anglers in pursuit of barramundi or mangrove jack, this lure redefines the possibilities with its ability to reach depths of 11ft. Embrace cutting-edge technology like forward-facing sonar as you target suspending fish in open water, a technique demanding lures that dive deeper – and that's precisely where the EXDR model shines.

Key Features:

Extra Deep Running Design:
The 93-EXDR model goes beyond the ordinary, reaching depths of 11ft. Unlock new possibilities and target suspending fish in open areas of lakes and rivers, taking advantage of advanced technologies like forward-facing sonar.

Versatility in Diverse Conditions:
This deeper diving model isn't limited to open water scenarios. It excels when you need a lure to dive steeply into the strike zone, making it perfect for fishing undercut banks or snags on a steep edge. Achieve precision in presentation and stay suspended in the face of your target species.

BKK Viper-41 Treble Hooks and HD Rings:
Fitted with BKK Viper-41 treble hooks and HD rings straight from the pack, the Current Master is armed and ready to tackle tough predators. Experience the confidence of knowing your hooks are up to the challenge as soon as you tie it on.

Maglock Weight-Transfer System:
Daiwa's Maglock weight-transfer system ensures that these lures fly long and true. Casting down tight tree lines becomes a breeze, allowing you to reach those strategic spots where trophy fish may be lurking.

Go-To Deep Barra Lure:
The Current Master 93-EXDR isn't just a lure; it's your go-to deep barra solution. Whether you're exploring open waters or navigating tight spaces along tree lines, this versatile jerkbait is designed to deliver results.

In summary, the Daiwa Current Master 93-EXDR is a game-changer for anglers seeking deeper dives and superior performance. From its extra deep running capabilities to its versatility in various conditions, armed with top-notch hooks and a weight-transfer system for enhanced casting, this jerkbait is poised to become your go-to lure for conquering tough predators. Embrace the deep with the Current Master 93-EXDR and elevate your pursuit of northern trophies.

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