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Daiwa Steez Current Master 93sp-dr 12g Jerkbait Hard Body Lure

Daiwa Current Master 93SP-DR: Engineered for Silent Jerkbait Excellence

The Daiwa Current Master 93SP-DR stands as a testament to precision engineering, tailored to meet the specific needs of Australian anglers. This mid-size silent jerkbait is designed for a lively action during jerks and boasts a suspending feature on the pause, making it an ideal choice for enticing hard strikes from predatory species like Barramundi and Mangrove Jack.

Key Features:

Perfect Mid-Size Silent Jerkbait:

The Current Master 93SP-DR is meticulously designed as a mid-size silent jerkbait, striking the perfect balance between size and performance. Its silent operation makes it an effective lure for situations where a subtle presentation is essential.

Lively Action on Jerks, Suspends on Pause:

The jerkbait offers a lively action when jerked, creating an enticing movement in the water. Additionally, it suspends on the pause, mimicking the behavior of prey and triggering aggressive strikes from predatory species. This dynamic action enhances its effectiveness in various fishing scenarios.

Patented MAG LOCK Silent Oscillation Casting System:

The patented "MAG LOCK" Silent Oscillation Casting System is integrated into the Current Master 93SP-DR, enabling exceptionally long casts without compromising on a subtle and silent presentation. This system contributes to perfect lure balance, ensuring a consistent swimming action in still waters, heavy currents, or faster retrieve speeds.

Ultra-Strong Split Rings & BKK Viper Treble Hooks:

Fitted with ultra-strong split rings and BKK Viper treble hooks, the Current Master 93SP-DR eliminates the need for hardware upgrades. The included components are of premium quality, providing anglers with confidence in the lure's durability and hook-setting capabilities. The jerkbait is ready to fish straight out of the box.

In summary, the Daiwa Current Master 93SP-DR represents a pinnacle in silent jerkbait excellence. From its perfect mid-size design to the lively action during jerks and suspending feature on the pause, this lure is engineered to meet the demands of Australian anglers pursuing predatory species. The inclusion of the MAG LOCK system and high-quality components further solidify its status as a top-tier choice for anglers seeking silent and effective jerkbait performance.

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