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Daiwa Tanacom Electric Reel

The Tanacom series offers anglers the power of a 12-Volt Dendoh reel in three distinct sizes, catering to varied preferences and fishing needs. Compact, lightweight, and user-friendly, these reels house high-performance electric systems capable of immense continuous winding power, reaching up to 70kg of instant winding power and a rapid retrieval rate of 130m per minute.

Key Features:

Automated Jigging Function: Set the reel to automatically work your lure or bait as per your programmed specifications, enhancing the efficiency of your fishing technique.

Power Lever: Daiwa's unique Power Lever allows immediate control of winding speed and power, offering precise control during operation.

Digital Readout: The reel's digital display measures line out and distance retrieved from the bottom, ensuring you're always aware of your offering's depth.

Programmable Auto-Stop: Automatically stops winding when your lure or bait reaches the surface, minimizing the need for constant monitoring.

Manual Winding Option: Offers the flexibility to switch to manual winding if required.

Convenient 12-Volt DC Operation: Operates within an acceptable voltage range of 12-16.8V.

Electric Current Usage: Varies between no load (3 amps), stall (10 amps), and maximum power (30 amps), providing a clear indication of the power usage during different conditions.

Durable Design: Constructed with corrosion-resistant components and sealed electronics, ensuring longevity and smooth performance even in harsh marine environments.

Available Models:

TANACOM 750 (AD): 4BB, 20kg max drag, PE 6/770m, 1255g
TANACOM 1000 (U): 4BB, 22kg max drag, PE 8/800m, 1495g
The Tanacom series amalgamates cutting-edge technology, durability, and reliability, providing anglers with efficient and enduring performance for an enhanced fishing experience.

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