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Dog Tooth Fluidcast X4 Braided Fishing Line Hi Vis Green 150m

Introducing Fluidcast Dogtooth, the pinnacle of smoothness and precision in braided fishing lines. Crafted with a specialized X4 braid construction, Fluidcast offers an unmatched blend of superior knot strength, heightened sensitivity, and exceptional casting capabilities.

What sets Fluidcast apart is its Teflon surface protector, meticulously incorporated to enhance durability and performance. This innovative treatment maintains the braid's compactness, effectively warding off wear and preserving its smoothness. Say goodbye to water absorption – Fluidcast ensures your line stays at peak performance levels for extended durations.

Available in vibrant Green and Hi-vis Green color variants, Fluidcast comes in convenient spool capacities of 150m and 300m, catering to your specific angling needs.


6lb: 0.09mm
10lb: 0.13mm
15lb: 0.15mm
20lb: 0.18mm
30lb: 0.19mm
40lb: 0.20mm
50lb: 0.22mm

Elevate your fishing game with Fluidcast Dogtooth, where smoothness meets precision for an unparalleled angling experience.

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