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Dog Tooth Fluidcast X4 Braided Fishing Line Hi Vis Green 300m

Unveiling Fluidcast Dogtooth, the pinnacle of precision and smoothness in braided fishing lines. Meticulously engineered with an X4 braid design, Fluidcast ensures unparalleled knot strength, heightened sensitivity, and exceptional casting prowess.

At the heart of Fluidcast lies its Teflon surface protector, a game-changing innovation. This specialized treatment maintains the braid's compactness, preventing wear and preserving its sleekness. Say goodbye to water saturation – Fluidcast safeguards the line's peak performance over extended periods.

Available in striking Green and Hi-vis Green variations, Fluidcast offers versatility in 150m and 300m spool capacities, adapting seamlessly to diverse angling requirements.


6lb (0.09mm): Ideal for finesse fishing with light tackle
10lb (0.13mm): Versatile for various freshwater applications
15lb (0.15mm): Suited for medium freshwater and inshore saltwater fishing
20lb (0.18mm): Target larger freshwater species and inshore saltwater gamefish
30lb (0.19mm): Excellent for medium to heavy inshore saltwater applications
40lb (0.20mm): Suitable for heavier inshore and light offshore fishing
50lb (0.22mm): Designed for tackling larger offshore species

Elevate your angling prowess with Fluidcast Dogtooth, where precision engineering meets lasting performance for an unparalleled fishing adventure.

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