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Duo Realis Fangbait 80dr 11.5g Hard Body Lure

Fangbait Series: The Perfect Formula for Barramundi Pursuits

Sturdy Wire Construction:

The Fangbait Series is equipped with a sturdy wire construction, providing the necessary strength and durability to handle the powerful strikes and fights commonly encountered when targeting barramundi. The robust wire ensures that the lure can withstand the challenges posed by these formidable predators.

Eyelet Designed for Big Thick-Wire Hooks:

Recognizing the importance of hooking and securing barramundi effectively, the Fangbait Series incorporates an eyelet designed specifically for big thick-wire hooks. This design facilitates the use of hooks with ample strength and gauge, ensuring a solid hookset and reliable performance during intense battles with barramundi.

Weight-Shifting System:

The Fangbait Series features a weight-shifting system, a characteristic borrowed from the Fangbait lineup. This system adds versatility to the lure, allowing anglers to adjust the weight distribution for optimal performance. In situations where a change to a thick-wire hook and ample floatation is crucial for creating an enticing suspend, the weight-shifting system contributes to achieving the desired buoyancy and action.

Small Body for Precision:

Despite its small size, the Fangbait Series is designed with precision to meet the specific requirements of barramundi fishing. The compact body ensures accuracy in casting and presentation, making it an effective tool for navigating the challenging environments where barramundi often reside.

Ideal for Barramundi Pursuits:

Tailored to the unique demands of barramundi fishing, the Fangbait Series provides anglers with a purpose-built lure that excels in enticing strikes from these elusive predators. Whether targeting barramundi in diverse habitats or adapting to specific conditions, the Fangbait Series offers the perfect formula for success.

In conclusion, the Fangbait Series emerges as a specialized and well-crafted solution for anglers pursuing Australian barramundi. With its combination of sturdy wire construction, eyelet for big thick-wire hooks, weight-shifting system, and small precision body, this series is tailored to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by barramundi fishing, providing anglers with a reliable and effective tool for their pursuits.

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