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Duo Realis Fangshad 140sr 45g Hard Body Lure

Realis Fangshad 140SR: Tackling Heavy-Duty Targets with Precision

The Realis Fangshad 140SR stands out as a heavy-duty floating shad-type lure designed to take on formidable targets. Packed with features that enhance its performance and durability, this lure is crafted to meet the demands of challenging angling scenarios. Here's what sets the Realis Fangshad 140SR apart:

Superior Casting Distance:

The Fangshad 140SR boasts superior casting distance, a valuable characteristic for this type of lure. Its design not only allows for extended casts but ensures that anglers can reach distant targets with ease. The lure's aerodynamics, combined with a thoughtful lip design, contribute to an impressive casting range, providing anglers with an advantage in reaching elusive fish.

Reduced Drag for Smooth Retrieval:

Unlike some lures with lips that create drag during retrieval, the Fangshad 140SR features a clever lip design that minimizes resistance. This reduction in drag results in a smooth retrieval experience for anglers, allowing for precise control over the lure's movement in the water. The streamlined design enhances the overall efficiency of the retrieval process.

Heavy-Duty Construction:

The Fangshad 140SR is built for heavy-duty action, and its construction reflects this commitment. Thickened walls and a reinforced inner structure ensure the lure can withstand the powerful attacks of large fish. The outsized hook eyes are designed to accommodate heavy-duty gear, providing anglers with the confidence to tackle robust targets.

Thick Wire and Reinforced Body:

A thick wire runs through the body of the Fangshad 140SR, held securely in place by steel pins. This reinforcement adds to the lure's overall strength and resilience. In the event of extreme stress, such as a body breakage, the design ensures that the lure maintains a secure grip on the catch, preventing potential losses.

Maximized Flashing Effect:

The lure's relatively tall flat sides emphasize its large volume, contributing to a maximized flashing effect. This visual appeal enhances the lure's ability to attract large predatory fish. The Fangshad 140SR's design aims to maximize visibility and entice bites from formidable targets.

In conclusion, the Realis Fangshad 140SR excels in tackling heavy-duty targets with precision and reliability. From its superior casting distance to reduced drag, heavy-duty construction, reinforced body, and maximized flashing effect, this lure is a purpose-built tool for anglers seeking success in challenging fishing conditions.

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