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Duo Realis Pencil 110mm 20.5g Floating Stickbait Lure

Realis Pencil 110: Setting the Standard for Walking Baits

The Realis Pencil 110 emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of walking baits, setting unparalleled standards with its innovative design and top-notch performance. This lure is meticulously crafted to provide anglers with an exceptional tool for targeting a variety of species. Let's dive into the features that make the Realis Pencil 110 a standout choice for anglers seeking excellence in their topwater arsenal.

Key Features:

Reinforced, Thin Wall Construction:

The Realis Pencil 110 boasts a reinforced, thin wall construction that not only enhances durability but also creates more internal volume in the body cavity. This design choice results in excellent buoyancy and an expanded acoustic range, setting the stage for a superior topwater experience.
Oval Body Shape with Flat Areas:

While the Pencil may appear round and linear like other walking baits, a closer examination reveals its oval body shape with flat areas. This intelligent design imparts superior aerodynamics, contributing to the lure's stability and casting performance.
Dual Weight Configuration for Tacking Action:

The intelligently designed ballast system features dual weights, with one fixed and the other positioned to move on a track. This configuration not only enhances casting range but also provides a superior tacking action, often referred to as "walking the dog." The impact of the weights creates an amplified dual tone, adding to the lure's calling power.
Stable Flight Posture for Greater Casting Distance:

The body form and positioning of the tail hook-eye reduce air resistance, allowing for a stable flight posture. This design element translates to greater casting distance without being affected by wind or casting styles.
Brisk and Compact "Dog-Walking" Action:

The swing design of the Pencil 110 facilitates a brisk and compact "dog-walking" action, captivating the attention of fish with its enticing movements.
Splash & Diving Action:

Retrieving the line with a stronger-than-usual slack when the lure reaches the highest point during "dog-walking" induces a splash-forward diving action, adding versatility to its presentation.
Two Knock Rattle System:

The moving weight hitting the secured hard spherical weight in the tail section creates a distinctive high-pitch clicking sound. This feature appeals to bass in various water qualities, making the Realis Pencil 110 effective in a range of conditions.
Elevate your topwater game with the Realis Pencil 110, a masterpiece designed to deliver outstanding casting and action performance. Whether you're targeting bass or other species, this lure stands as a testament to precision engineering and angler-centric design. Cast with confidence and let the Realis Pencil 110 redefine your expectations of walking baits.

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