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Duo Realis Shinmushi Cicada 40mm 5.7g Floating Lure

DUO Realis Shinmushi: The Ultimate Bug Imitation

The DUO Realis Shinmushi isn't just a lure; it's the ultimate bug imitation designed to trigger aggressive bites from bass. With a combination of a "hard" body and "soft" rubber legs, this 3D pulsating bug lure creates a lifelike silhouette and enticing action that bass find irresistible.

Key Features:

Silhouette and Pulsation Effect:

The Realis Shinmushi incorporates the actions of both a "hard" body and "soft" rubber legs, producing a 3D pulsation effect that mimics the natural movement of insects. This lifelike presentation is sure to induce bites from bass.
Hard Body for Surface Sound:

The hard body of the Shinmushi plays a crucial role in creating the sound of a bug falling on the water's surface. This realistic sound, coupled with the bug-like appearance, adds an extra layer of attraction to entice bass.
Rubber Legs and Feathered Tail Hook:

The combination of rubber legs and a feathered tail hook further enhances the lure's appeal. These features create additional movement and vibrations in the water, making the Shinmushi even more enticing to bass.
Wings as a Stopper:

The wings of the Shinmushi serve as a "stopper" during retrieval, preventing the lure from traveling too far. However, they also stage a "freestyle" swimming action, allowing anglers to approach fish in a versatile manner.
Versatile Approaches:

Whether you choose to "stop" or "move" the lure, the Realis Shinmushi automatically induces bites from bass. Its versatility allows anglers to experiment with different retrieval techniques and find the most effective approach for the given conditions.

The DUO Realis Shinmushi is not just a bug imitation; it's a precision-engineered lure that combines realistic design, enticing movements, and sound to create the ultimate temptation for bass. Elevate your bass fishing game with the Shinmushi and experience the power of lifelike bug mimicry.

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