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Fishcraft Dr Deep 120mm 36g Hard Body Lure

Unleash the Power of the Dr Deep 120: A Versatile Hard Body Lure for Big Fish

Introducing the Fishcraft Dr Deep 120, a classic bibbed hard body lure meticulously designed for the pursuit of big fish across various environments. Crafted with precision, this lure is the ideal choice for casting at jewfish, tackling XOS tailor from rocks and break walls, or trolling inshore waters for mackerel, GT’s, big snapper, and an array of pelagic and reef species.

Key Features:

Versatility Defined:
Whether you're targeting jewfish, XOS tailor, mackerel, GT’s, or big snapper, the Dr Deep 120 proves its versatility. It excels in saltwater environments, making it perfect for inshore reefs, rocky headlands, break walls, and estuaries. Additionally, its prowess extends to freshwater, where it can be trolled or cast for Murray cod.

Impressive Depth Range:
Equipped with an impressive 7.5-meter depth range, the Dr Deep 120 can be cast and retrieved or trolled with precision. Its fish-attracting action ensures that you're not just fishing; you're enticing strikes from the depths, promising an exciting angling experience.

Perfect Dimensions:
At 36 grams in weight and 120 mm long, the Dr Deep 120 strikes the perfect balance for chasing big saltwater fish. Its lure pattern is tailor-made for inshore reefs, rocky headlands, break walls, and saltwater estuaries, delivering exceptional performance in every fishing scenario.

Custom Finishes for Every Condition:
Choose from a range of custom Fishcraft paint finishes tailored to cover all conceivable conditions in both salt and freshwater. Classic colors such as White Red Head, Black & Gold, Silver Shad, Fusi, Pilchard, Pink Purple Head, Wahoo, and Redbait ensure that you're equipped for success in any fishing environment.

Durable Construction:
Built with hi-impact ABS construction, the Dr Deep 120 ensures longevity and resilience in the face of aggressive fish. Featuring a fish-attracting rattle, size 1 chemically sharpened hooks, and stainless-steel split rings, this lure is a reliable companion for anglers seeking trophy catches.

Each Fishcraft Dr Deep 120 lure is meticulously tuned to swim straight out of the box, delivering consistent and enticing movement that lures in the biggest and most elusive fish. Elevate your fishing game with the versatility and power of the Dr Deep 120 – where every cast brings you one step closer to the catch of a lifetime.

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