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Fishcraft Jerkman 65mm 7g Jerkbait Hard Body Lure

Unleash the Stealth of the Fishcraft Jerk Man 65: Your Ultimate Shallow Water Jerk Bait for Salt and Freshwater Adventures

Introducing the Fishcraft Jerk Man 65, a super cool shallow water jerk bait designed to elevate your angling experience in both salt and freshwater environments. Target a diverse range of species, including yellowfin bream, black bream, Australian bass, jungle perch, estuary perch, dusky flathead, and sooty grunter, with this supreme ultra-light tackle floating jerk bait.

Key Features:

Species Targeting Excellence:
The Jerk Man 65 is crafted for versatility, allowing you to target a wide range of salt and freshwater species. From yellowfin bream to dusky flathead and sooty grunter, this jerk bait is your go-to choice for a variety of angling adventures.

Responsive Fish-Attracting Action:
Experience the thrill of a super responsive fish-attracting action that entices strikes from even the most discerning species. The Jerk Man 65's dynamic movement is designed to mimic natural prey, making it an irresistible temptation for your target fish.

Perfect for Shallow Water Environments:
With a running depth of 1.0m, the Jerk Man 65 is tailor-made for shallow sand flats, weed beds, rocky shores, oyster leases, and submerged timber. Its design ensures optimal performance in these environments, providing you with the edge in precision casting and retrieval.

Supreme Ultra-Light Tackle:
Weighing in at 7 grams and measuring 65mm, the Jerk Man 65 is the epitome of ultra-light tackle excellence. Its compact size and weight make it an ideal choice for finesse fishing, ensuring a dynamic and agile presentation in the water.

Custom Finishes for Every Condition:
Choose from a range of custom Fishcraft paint finishes, meticulously designed to cover all conceivable conditions in both salt and freshwater. Classic colors such as Pink Sherbet, Silver Shad, Spotted Prawn, White Widow, Pearl Shrimp, Spotted Herring, Black & Gold, and Chartreuse UV Tiger ensure you're well-equipped for success in any fishing environment.

Durable Construction:
Built with hi-impact ABS construction, the Jerk Man 65 ensures durability and resilience against the most challenging conditions. Featuring a fish-attracting rattle, size 8 chemically sharpened hooks, and stainless steel split rings, this jerk bait is a reliable companion for anglers seeking top-tier performance.

Each Fishcraft Jerk Man 65 lure is meticulously tuned to swim straight out of the box, delivering consistent and enticing movement that invites strikes from the stealthiest of fish. Elevate your shallow water angling game with the Jerk Man 65 – where precision meets power on the water.

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