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Fishcraft Skatter Prop 96mm 13g Floating Stickbait Lure

Fishcraft Skatter Prop 96: The Ultimate Surface Lure for Northern Pursuits

Prepare for unforgettable surface action with the Fishcraft Skatter Prop 96 – a sensational prop bait designed to entice hot sportfish in northern waters. From barramundi and yellowtail kingfish to queenfish, mangrove jack, tailor, saratoga, and Australian salmon, this lure promises an exhilarating fishing experience.

Key Features:

Versatile Surface Action:

The Skatter Prop 96 is tailored for surface action, delivering a fish-attracting, popping-style performance. Its versatility makes it ideal for various environments, including timber snags, rock bars, weed beds, lily pads, creek mouths, and channel markers.
Long Casting and Loud Popping:

This larger version of the Skatter Prop family is designed to cast further and pop even louder. The enhanced popping action ensures it grabs the attention of predatory fish, making it an indispensable lure for northern pursuits.
Perfect Size for Tropical Estuarine and Inshore Pelagic Fishing:

Weighing 13 grams and measuring 96mm, the Skatter Prop 96 is crafted for tropical estuarine and inshore pelagic fishing. Its size and weight make it well-suited for targeting a range of species in northern waters.
Custom Fishcraft Paint Finishes:

The lure is available in a range of custom Fishcraft paint finishes, ensuring you have options to match various conditions in both salt and freshwater. Classic colors like Black & Gold, Silver Shad, Pearl Shrimp, Spotted Herring, Clear Tiger, White Widow, Pink Sherbet, and Chartreuse UV Tiger cover all possibilities.
Hi-Impact ABS Construction:

The Skatter Prop 96 is built with hi-impact ABS construction, providing durability to withstand the challenges of aggressive strikes and challenging environments.
Chemically Sharpened Hooks and Stainless Steel Split Rings:

Equipped with size 4 chemically sharpened hooks and stainless steel split rings, the Skatter Prop 96 ensures reliable hook sets and durability during intense fishing encounters.
Tuned for Straight Swimming:

Each Fishcraft lure is tuned to swim straight out of the box, eliminating the need for adjustments and ensuring optimal performance.
Gear up for northern adventures and elevate your surface fishing game with the Fishcraft Skatter Prop 96 – a surface lure that promises long casts, loud pops, and exciting battles with powerful sportfish.

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