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Gear Aid Aquaseal Repair Kit

Wedstire's Aquaseal FD Repair Kit: Your Trusted Companion for Seamless Fixes

Unforeseen mishaps shouldn't dampen your adventure. Introducing the ultimate solution to keep your gear going strong—the Wedstire Aquaseal FD Repair Kit. Designed for those who embrace the great outdoors, this compact powerhouse offers a swift and permanent fix for torn waders, leaky drysuits, or pesky inflatable mishaps.

Unyielding Durability: Formulated with tough urethane adhesive, this kit delivers a permanent bond that withstands the rigors of your journeys. It dries clear, seamlessly merging with your gear for an almost invisible repair.

Flexibility Beyond Measure: Let your gear breathe easy. The Aquaseal FD cures into a flexible rubber that moves harmoniously with neoprene and various fabrics, ensuring your repair doesn't hinder your gear's flexibility.

Waterproof Assurance: Bid farewell to worries about peeling or cracking. This kit provides a water-tight seal that endures over time, safeguarding your gear against the elements.

Battle-Ready Resilience: Say goodbye to unsightly blemishes. Its abrasion resistance shields your equipment against scrapes and scratches, keeping it looking as good as new.

Universal Bonding: Versatility at its finest. Whether it's neoprene, rubber, nylon, vinyl, canvas, or waterproof-breathable fabrics, this adhesive forms an unbreakable bond, ensuring your gear stays in top-notch shape.

What's in the Kit:

Aquaseal FD adhesive (0.25 oz)
Two 3” Tenacious Tape round patches
Brush for precise application
Easy-to-follow instructions for a seamless repair, whether at home or out in the field
Compact, lightweight, and incredibly effective, the Wedstire Aquaseal FD Repair Kit is the ultimate assurance for outdoor enthusiasts. Be prepared, stay resilient, and let your adventures thrive, knowing you've got the perfect fix at your fingertips.

Make every journey a tale of triumph with the Wedstire Aquaseal FD Repair Kit—your gear's best ally.

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