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Gear Aid Sea Drops Anti Fog 37ml

Wedstire's Sea Drops Anti-Fog and Cleaner: See Clearly, Dive Confidently

Unlock a world of underwater clarity with Wedstire's Sea Drops Anti-Fog and Cleaner, the ultimate solution for pristine vision while snorkeling or diving. When every detail matters beneath the surface, this concentrated formula becomes your ally for a crystal-clear view and fog-free adventures.

Vision Unobstructed: Say goodbye to grime and foggy lenses. A swift application of Sea Drops not only removes debris but also prevents fog, ensuring uninterrupted visual clarity for each dive. Witness the underwater marvels without any hindrance.

Adaptable and Potent: Designed to perform seamlessly in both warm and cold waters, this concentrated formula is the answer to clear vision in any environment. It's crafted to safeguard silicone or rubber support frames, ensuring your gear remains unharmed.

Efficiency in Every Drop: With 1.25 fl oz (530 drops) in a single bottle, Sea Drops is your go-to for multiple dive masks. A simple application method—squeeze, rub, rinse, and wear—brings ease to your waterside routine.

Essential Features:

Versatile Use - Ideal for glass and plastic masks, including scuba and snorkel lenses
Dual Action Formula - Cleanses lenses and serves as an anti-fog treatment in all water temperatures
Concentrated Efficacy - Ample drops in one 1.25 fl oz bottle ensure cleaning and treatment for multiple masks without causing harm to silicone or rubber parts
Lasting Clarity - A single drop ensures hours of fog-free vision after a quick application
Limitations - Not suitable for swim goggles or dry lenses (e.g., eyeglasses)
Elevate your dive or snorkeling experience with Wedstire's Sea Drops Anti-Fog and Cleaner. Dive confidently into the depths, witnessing underwater wonders with unparalleled clarity. Enjoy every moment beneath the waves, assured that your vision remains pristine and unobstructed.

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