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Gt Ice Cream Needle Nose Sinking Stickbait Lure

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CID GT Ice Cream: High-Speed Spinning Lure for Pelagic Fishing

The CID GT Ice Cream has rapidly gained a reputation as one of the top high-speed spinning lures, especially for targeting pelagic fish. This heavy-weighted surface plug is designed to cast like a bullet, reaching schools of pelagic species when other lures may fall short. Its needle-nose design allows it to mimic a fleeing baitfish as it skips across the surface, making it an essential tool for avid pelagic spin anglers. The Ice Cream lure is versatile, capable of enticing a variety of predatory species, from tailor in the surf to longtail tuna off rocky structures.

Key Features:

High-Speed Spinning Lure:

Specifically designed for high-speed spinning, making it effective for targeting pelagic species.
Heavy-Weighted Surface Plug:

The lure is heavy-weighted, allowing for super long casting distances, crucial for reaching pelagic fish.
Mimics Fleeing Baitfish:

The needle-nose design of the Ice Cream lure perfectly imitates a fleeing garfish, saurie, or pilchard as it skips across the water's surface.
Versatile Pelagic Targeting:

Suitable for chasing a wide range of pelagic species, making it a versatile and effective lure for various fishing scenarios.
Ideal for Various Locations:

Whether fishing from the rocks, beach, or boat, the Ice Cream lure is well-suited for different environments.
Ultra-Strong Hook:

Rigged with an ultra-strong hook, ensuring the durability and reliability of hook sets during intense pelagic encounters.

Anglers seeking an effective and powerful lure for high-speed spinning in pelagic environments will find the CID GT Ice Cream to be a valuable addition to their tackle arsenal. Its design, casting capabilities, and lifelike action make it a must-have for those targeting predatory species in diverse fishing locations.

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