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H20 Nyap Fly Heads White

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H2O NYAP Popper Heads - Create Eye-Catching Poppers for Big Predators

Unleash your creativity and attract big predators with H2O NYAP Popper Heads. These unique popper heads are designed to add an extraordinary look to your flies, making them irresistible to predatory fish. Whether you're targeting pike, saltwater species, or other big game fish, these popper heads are a fantastic addition to your fly tying arsenal.

Key Features:

Designed for Big Predators: H2O NYAP Popper Heads are specifically crafted with big predators in mind. They are ideal for tying pike poppers and are equally effective for creating a variety of saltwater poppers.

Easy to Use: The foam of these popper heads is slotted, allowing for easy and secure attachment of the hook. This user-friendly design ensures that your popper sits upright in the water, maximizing its effectiveness.

Heavy Hook Compatibility: To ensure that the popper maintains its proper orientation in the water, it's recommended to use a heavy hook with these popper heads. This guarantees that your fly will create the desired surface disturbance and attract predatory strikes.

Comes with Stick-On Eyes: H2O NYAP Popper Heads are equipped with stick-on eyes, adding a realistic and visually appealing element to your poppers.

Elevate your fly tying game and create poppers that stand out with H2O NYAP Popper Heads. Whether you're a dedicated pike angler or a saltwater enthusiast, these popper heads will help you craft flies that generate explosive surface strikes from big predators. Get ready to witness the excitement of topwater action with these eye-catching popper heads.

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