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Halco Max 130mm 80g Hard Body Lure

Introducing the HALCO Max 130: Your Cutting-Edge Bibless Minnow for All Fishing Techniques

Prepare to revolutionize your fishing experience with the HALCO Max 130, a cutting-edge bibless minnow that excels in jigging, casting, and trolling applications. Crafted to perfection, the Max 130 boasts a highly streamlined design that not only enhances its casting distance but also allows for trolling speeds of up to 12 knots with minimal resistance.

Key Features:

Versatile Performance:
Whether you're jigging, casting, or trolling, the HALCO Max 130 delivers unmatched versatility and performance. From targeting pelagic predators offshore to enticing freshwater species, this lure is capable of doing it all.

Streamlined Design:
The Max 130 features a sleek and streamlined design that optimizes its casting ability. With its aerodynamic profile, this 80-gram winner boasts unbeatable casting distances, allowing anglers to reach distant targets with ease.

High-Speed Trolling:
Unlike traditional lures, the HALCO Max 130 is designed to handle high-speed trolling with ease. With the ability to withstand trolling speeds of up to 12 knots, this lure offers anglers the flexibility to cover large areas of water quickly and efficiently.

Minimal Trolling Resistance:
Thanks to its innovative design, the Max 130 experiences minimal trolling resistance even at high speeds. This allows for smoother trolling operations, reducing fatigue and maximizing efficiency during extended fishing sessions.

Built to Last:
Constructed from high-quality materials, the HALCO Max 130 is built to withstand the rigors of fishing in harsh environments. Whether you're battling aggressive pelagics offshore or targeting trophy freshwater species, this durable lure is up to the task.

Unbeatable Performance:
With its cutting-edge design and unbeatable performance, the HALCO Max 130 sets a new standard for bibless minnows. Experience the thrill of fishing with a lure that's as versatile as it is effective, and elevate your angling adventures to new heights.

Whether you're casting from shore, jigging over reefs, or trolling offshore, the HALCO Max 130 is the ultimate companion for anglers seeking success in any fishing scenario. Dominate the water with confidence and reel in trophy catches with the HALCO Max 130 by your side.

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