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Halco Rmg Poltergeist 50std 7g Hard Body Lure

Introducing the Poltergeist 50 Series:

The Poltergeist 50 Series presents a dynamic range of fishing lures designed to excel in both casting and trolling applications. Crafted with precision engineering and innovative features, these lures offer anglers versatility and performance on the water.

Poltergeist 50:

The Poltergeist 50 is a compact yet powerful lure that delivers a tight shuffling action, making it irresistible to predatory fish. Whether cast or trolled, this lure performs with precision and effectiveness, making it a valuable addition to any angler's tackle box.

Diving Depth: With a crash diving capability of up to 3 meters, the Poltergeist 50 explores deeper waters with ease, maximizing its potential to attract fish lurking in the depths.
Hook Protection: The innovative design of the lure's body protects its hooks from snags, ensuring optimal performance even in rugged underwater terrain.
Retrieval Speed: Suitable for a range of retrieval speeds, from a dead slow to medium retrieve, as well as trolling speeds ranging from 0.5 to 3 knots, the Poltergeist 50 adapts to various fishing conditions and techniques.
Versatile Applications: Whether targeting freshwater or saltwater species, the Poltergeist 50 is a versatile choice for anglers seeking success in a variety of fishing environments.
Poltergeist 50 Crazy Deep:

The Poltergeist 50 Crazy Deep version takes deep-water trolling to new heights, achieving remarkable stability and depth performance. With the ability to reach trolling depths exceeding 8 meters when using 2kg braided line, this lure is a game-changer for anglers targeting elusive deep-water predators.

Award-Winning Design: Recognized for its outstanding performance and innovation, the Poltergeist 50 Crazy Deep won the award for the Best New Hard Body Lure at the prestigious 2005 Australian Tackle Show.
Dual Depth Options: Available in both standard and Crazy Deep versions, anglers have the flexibility to choose the ideal depth profile for their fishing objectives, whether targeting shallow or deep-water species.

With its versatile design, innovative features, and award-winning performance, the Poltergeist 50 Series offers anglers an exceptional tool for tackling a wide range of fishing scenarios. Whether casting or trolling, in shallow or deep waters, these lures are engineered to deliver results and inspire confidence on every fishing expedition.

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