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Hareline Lead Eyes Pearl

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Hareline Lead Eyes Pearl - Essential for Effective Clouser Minnow Flies

Hareline Lead Eyes Pearl are a must-have for any fly tier looking to create effective Clouser Minnow patterns and other weighted flies. These single pupil lead dumbbell eyes add the necessary weight to your flies, allowing them to sink quickly and imitate baitfish effectively.

Key Features:

Perfect for Clouser Minnows: These lead eyes are specifically designed for tying Clouser Minnow patterns. They provide the essential weight that helps your fly sink quickly, making it an excellent choice for various fish species.

Realistic Appearance: The single pupil design gives your flies a lifelike appearance. It mimics the eyes of prey fish, making your Clouser Minnows more convincing to predators.

Versatile Use: While primarily designed for Clousers, these lead eyes can be used in a variety of streamer and baitfish patterns. Their versatility allows you to experiment and create effective flies for different fishing scenarios.

Weighted for Depth: Lead eyes are known for their ability to get your flies deeper in the water column. This is especially useful when targeting fish holding at various depths.

Quantity: Each pack contains 10 lead dumbbell eyes, providing you with enough material for multiple fly tying sessions.

Hareline Lead Eyes Pearl are an essential component for tying Clouser Minnow flies and other weighted patterns. Their weighted design and realistic appearance make them a valuable addition to your fly tying materials. With these lead eyes, you can create flies that not only look convincing but also perform exceptionally well in enticing a wide range of fish species.

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