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Irukandji Bloodhawk 125mm Swimbait Soft Plastic Lure

Introducing Bloodhawk: A Pulse-Tailed Soft Bait for Predator Fishing

High-Speed Vibration: The Bloodhawk is not your average soft bait. It's designed with a pulse-tailed profile that generates a high-speed vibration signature. This unique feature is aimed at triggering a predatory response from cautious and selective predators that might not react to standard paddle tail lures.

Weedless Rigging: Bloodhawk comes with deep belly slots and a hook recess behind the head, allowing you to rig it weedless while ensuring a high hookup rate. This design gives you versatility in presentation, making it suitable for various fishing conditions.

Natural Profile: With its natural profile and an extensive color range, the Bloodhawk provides options for matching the hatch or using a reaction color to provoke strikes from the target predators.

Hand-Painted Colors: The Bloodhawk is available in eight hand-painted colors, each designed to mimic the appearance of natural prey. Realistic eyes add to its lifelike presentation.

Target Species: Bloodhawk is effective for a wide range of predatory species, including Barramundi, Murray Cod, Mangrove Jack, Flathead, Black Bass, Mulloway, Snapper, and more. It's a valuable choice, especially in heavily fished waters where it can give you an edge over trophy fish that have seen conventional lures.


Unrigged Weight: 16g
Recommended Jighead Size: 4/0 - 5/0
Quantity: 5 lures per pack

Whether you're pursuing trophy fish in challenging conditions or looking for an effective tool to trigger strikes from selective predators, the Bloodhawk with its pulse-tailed design and versatile rigging options is a top choice for your tackle box.

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