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Irukandji Sicario 225mm Swimbait Soft Plastic Lure

Introducing Our XL Signature Paddle Tail Swim Bait

Impressive Size: Our XL signature paddle tail swim bait boasts an impressive size of 225mm (9 inches). It's designed for specimen hunters who are chasing trophy fish in the XOS (Extra Over-Size) category. This larger size makes it a cult favorite among Murray Cod anglers and is also highly effective for targeting Barramundi, Jewfish, Northern Pike, and XL flathead that are only aiming for personal bests.

Lifelike Action: This swim bait is expertly designed to impart an enticing body roll and tail action when retrieved at slow speeds. The lifelike action of this bait is a key feature that helps attract and entice trophy fish.

Durable Material: Crafted from our durable soft PVC material, this swim bait is designed to provide the ideal swimming action while withstanding the aggressive attacks of toothy predators. This durability ensures you can keep casting and reeling in fish after fish without worrying about the bait getting damaged.

Versatile Rigging: The XL signature paddle tail swim bait can be rigged with larger jigheads, making it versatile for various fishing scenarios. Whether you're targeting Murray Cod, Barramundi, or other trophy fish, this swim bait is up to the task.


Length: 225mm (9 inches)
Unrigged Weight: 80g
Recommended Jighead Size: 9/0 - 11/0, and/or Osprey Harness (Medium)
Quantity: 1 lure per pack

For anglers seeking trophy fish and aiming for personal bests, our XL signature paddle tail swim bait is a top choice. Its lifelike action, impressive size, and durability make it an invaluable tool in your pursuit of big fish. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, this swim bait can help you land those trophy catches.

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