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Jackall Hank Tune Squirrel 79mm 10.6g Jerkbait Hard Body Lure

Introducing the SuperDD Squirrel 79 Hank Tune (Original Model): Your Ultimate Deep Diving Barramundi Jerkbait

Designed and tested by Harry Watson specifically for targeting big Barramundi in lakes such as Awonga, Monduran, and Faust, as well as northern river systems, the SuperDD Squirrel 79 Hank Tune is the most popular deep diving Barramundi jerkbait on the market. Its unmatched fish-catching ability and superior features make it a must-have for serious anglers.

Key Features:

High Pitch Vibration and Rolling Action:
The SuperDD Squirrel 79 Hank Tune produces a high pitch vibration and rolling action that mimics injured baitfish, attracting predatory Barramundi from a distance and enticing them to strike.

Steep Diving Ability:
Designed to dive steeply into the depths, this jerkbait reaches the optimal depth for targeting big Barramundi, making it effective in both lakes and river systems where deep dives are required.

Stability and Versatility:
Enjoy stability and versatility with the SuperDD Squirrel 79 Hank Tune. Whether twitched aggressively or rolled rapidly, this jerkbait maintains its action and stability, allowing anglers to fish it as hard or as fast as they like.

Slender Body Profile:
Featuring an 80mm slender body profile, this jerkbait closely resembles natural baitfish, further enhancing its effectiveness in enticing strikes from Barramundi.

Perfect Suspending Action:
Achieve the perfect suspending action when paused, giving Barramundi ample time to inspect the bait and strike, resulting in more positive hookups.

Optimized Hook Design:
The SuperDD Squirrel 79 Hank Tune comes rigged with terminals straight from the box, ensuring positive hookups and minimal lost fish. Its hook design is specifically tailored for targeting big Barramundi, providing anglers with confidence during every hookset.

Elevate your Barramundi fishing game with the SuperDD Squirrel 79 Hank Tune, the ultimate deep diving jerkbait that delivers unmatched performance and results. Whether you're fishing in lakes or river systems, this jerkbait is sure to attract the attention of trophy-sized Barramundi and help you land the fish of a lifetime.

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